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Unfortunately there’s no great time to be without juice & that’s why we offer 24 hour emergency electrical assistance.

Often, electrical faults are easily self diagnosed. Follow our step by step fault finding guide.

90% of the time your fault lies with a removable electrical appliance. If you can find that appliance you can simply remove it and power back up!

All electrical installations are different. Some switchboards have multiple safety switches, some may only have one.

In the case where you may not have a safety switch at all, please contact a licensed electrician straight away. Safety switches are installed to protect you. Without one you could risk your life self diagnosing. Simply turn off your main switch & call a licensed electrician.

Total Loss Of Supply?

Jump on the Energex outage finder. Enter your address to locate emergency and planned outages in your area.

Kylie Smith
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So honest and so helpful I can't recommend him highly enough. He has replaced my hot water service and installed my aircon unit. Great price, great service. Call him!
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Really looked after us when we had an issue. Very understanding. Thanks heaps guys.
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Had Ramzi out the other day to install some lighting etc on my latest bathroom renovation. Did a good job at a fair price , would definitely recommend

Fault Finding Guide

Fault Finding Guide

You’re in a hurry and you need to know what’s causing a power problem. The above electrical fault finding guide is to help you easily find the electrical fault to self diagnose the problem. There’s also a more detailed step by step guide for the following areas:

Power Points

Fault Finding With Residual Current Breaker With Over-Current (RCBO) 

When you need to find the fault using a RCBO take the following steps:

Check your switch board to confirm something has actually tripped.

Walk around your house and take note of the appliances without power.

Remove all those appliances from their outlets.

Don’t forget appliances such as

  • Dish washers
  • Fridges
  • Range hoods
  • Water tank pumps
  • Pools
  • Septic pumps
  • Outdoor Outdoor appliances. 

Safety Switches

Fault Finding Safety Switch

Fault Finding With Multiple Safety Switches

This is a simple step by step process of elimination to ensure you easily find the fault.

Turn off all circuit breakers, including your main switch. (Typically on the left hand side with a red toggle)

Turn the safety switch that tripped back to the on position.

(If it doesn’t reset with everything else in the off position you will most likely need a new safety switch, call a licensed electrician)

If the safety switch stays up;

Turn the main switch back on.

Turn all other circuits back on one by one with a 5-10 second delay between circuit breakers.

If you do have fault, one of the circuit breakers will operate the safety switch.

Once you’ve located the faulty circuit, turn it back off & reset the safety switch. Turn all remaining circuits back on.

Walk around your house and take note of the appliances without power.

Remove all those appliances from their outlets.

Reset the safety switch.

If the safety switch holds move to step 9.

One by one plug the appliances back in until you reach the appliance that trips the safety switch.

Remove that appliance for repair or replacement.


Lighting Faults

Fault Finding Fault Lighting

Fault Finding Using Lighting

Locating lighting faults is the same process as finding it using power. 

If you have a lighting fault simply turn all the affected light switches off. Then reset the safety switch.

Try to remember any two and three way switching in your house. You only want to switch one of these to its opposite position if you can’t remember if it was on before you lost power.

Now reset your safety switch.

If it stays on:

  • Turn one light on at a time until the safety switch trips
  • When it does trip, turn it back off and reset the safety switch again
  • Leave it off & phone a qualified electrician for repairs

Why Brisbane Power Are The #1 Fault Finding Electrician Choice In Brisbane

Brisbane Power Electricians Reliable

24/7 Emergency Electricians

A true 24 hour, 7 day a week, emergency electrician service. There is no inconvenient time for us to come to you to fix your electrical issue. We pride ourselves on being highly prompt, professional and available 7 days of the week, 24 hours of the day.

Family Owned & Locally Operated Emergency Electrician Brisbane

Family Owned & Locally Operated

We have worked hard to build our brand to what it is today. We value all of our customers and truly make an effort to go above and beyond our customer’s needs. We are always here to help and put our best feet forward when it comes to making our customers happy.

Seniors & Pensioner Discount For Emergency Electrician Customers In Brisbane

Seniors & Pensioners Discount

If you are a senior or a pensioner please ask us about our special emergency electrical service discount. We provide all Brisbane seniors and pensioners a local discount when using our fault finding service!

Emergency Electrician Driving To Brisbane Customer On Time

We Are On Time, Every Time

Due to the fast paced nature of emergency electrical requests, we have to be constantly ready to ensure we can get to a job promptly. We ensure that when we say we will be at a job that we are there on time, every time.

Fault Finding Emergency Electrician In Brisbane

We'll Actually Fix Your Fault

When you’re in an emergency situation it can be very stressful. Not only do you need someone to come fast but you need your issue fixed asap. We make sure we don’t just fix your issue but also provide all safety measurements to ensure the issue doesn’t arise again. Regardless of the nature of the job, we’ll be able to solve your problem.

Emergency Electrician Brisbane Fixed Pricing Fully Transparent

Full Transparency & Up Front Pricing

You can rest assured that we won’t ever surprise you with ridiculous or unfair call-out charges. We provide an up front pricing model where we tell you what you’ll spend before we start on a project. We’re fully transparent and treat our customers with fairness and respect.

Areas We Service For Our Fault Finding Electrician Brisbane Service

Servicing Brisbane Locals 24/7

Our fault finding service starts from the moment you contact us. We will promptly discuss the problem at hand and ensure we provide the best solution for you to solve your issue. We provide our electrical fault finding service throughout the entirety of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The most popular suburbs we attend to are shown below:

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