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Smoke alarms save lives and they are compulsory to have in all Queensland properties. Our Brisbane Power Electricians know the importance of properly installed smoke alarms and smoke detectors. So if you are serious about fire safety at your home or workplace we ask you to consider these questions.

Is your smoke alarm working properly?

How do you know if it is providing adequate protection for family or staff?

The only way to know for sure is to get a qualified electrician to check and test the smoke alarms currently fitted at your home or office. When you choose Brisbane Power Electricians for smoke alarm installation or testing you will always get a professional who knows exactly how it should be done. Our electricians use respectable quality Australian Standard fire alarms and we know the right places to install them giving your family the quickest possible response in case of fire.

Choosing the right smoke alarm

It can be difficult to know which smoke alarms or smoke detectors will provide the best protection for your home or workplace. To make it simple, there are two different types of smoke alarms, Ionisation and photoelectric.

Ionisation smoke alarms

Ionisation smoke alarms work by detecting large amounts of very small particles and the alarm will only sound when these particles are in sufficient quantities. However, only flaming fires generate sufficient amounts of such particles leaving time for smouldering fires to gain muscle. A smouldering fire can burn for quite some time before it bursts into flames, so an Ionisation alarm will not catch fire in its earliest stages. We all know that early detection of fires is critical to survival and reducing damage to property. Therefore, people are moving away from this technology and moving towards more sensitive Photoelectric smoke alarms.

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

Photoelectric smoke alarm technology is far more sensitive to the large smoke particles that tend to be produced by smouldering fires. By detecting a fire in its initial smouldering stage these photoelectric alarms allow for the quickest possible response to fire before the flames take hold. This technology is preferred and recommended by the Australian Fire Services and the entire team at Brisbane Power Electricians.

Choosing the right location for your smoke alarm

At Brisbane Power Electricians, we consider a range of factors for smoke detector placement and smoke alarm placement:

  • If your property has high ceilings, a smoke alarm may need to be installed close to the kitchen to ensure quick detection.
  • There must be a smoke alarm placed between each bedroom and the rest of the house
  • If you sleep with your bedroom doors shut, an additional smoke detector should be installed in your room
  • Multi-level homes must have a smoke alarm installed on each level, and it must be placed near the exit route

Check fire alarm function regularly

Smoke alarms have a limited life expectancy and must be replaced at least every 10 years. You should be sure to test that your smoke alarm is working once a month. Testing your smoke alarm is as simple as pressing the test switch.  Lithium battery-powered smoke alarms are great because you never have to worry about replacing the battery. However, if your smoke alarm runs on ordinary alkaline batteries you should be sure to keep a spare 9V battery handy. The team at Brisbane Power Electricians recommends that you make it a habit to change your smoke alarm batteries every 6 months.

Call us now for all your smoke alarm needs

If you need a smoke alarm or you are just unsure about the one you have please call one of our smoke alarm electricians in Brisbane on 1300 032 003 or use our online booking form.

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So honest and so helpful I can't recommend him highly enough. He has replaced my hot water service and installed my aircon unit. Great price, great service. Call him!
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Really looked after us when we had an issue. Very understanding. Thanks heaps guys.
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Had Ramzi out the other day to install some lighting etc on my latest bathroom renovation. Did a good job at a fair price , would definitely recommend

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