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Brisbane Power Electricians are your answer to great residential and industrial lighting solutions. We are experts in the design, layout and installation of all lighting styles that are both fashionable and energy efficient.

Importance of good architectural lighting design

Residential Lighting Designs

Lighting design can really make or break a space. Very often we put so much effort and money into luxurious settings and completely overlook the elements of good artificial lighting design. It is important to realise that without the right lighting the true beauty of your space can never be appreciated.

Lighting is one of those features that is needed everywhere. It can be plain and practical or innovative, exciting and mood changing. Whether you need mood lighting to create the right ambience in a room, accent lighting to bring out a feature or task lighting for reading and working our electrician Brisbane lighting specialists have all the knowledge and experience you need.

Industrial Lighting Design

Ergonomic lighting is a very important part of lighting design in any working environment. Whether you work in an industrial or office setting appropriate lighting is essential for workplace health and safety. Brisbane Power Electricians can help you with the right lighting types, and the best layout and design to guarantee maximum visibility and reduce workplace injuries or accidents.

Lighting in commercial environments is always a big challenge, but the team at Brisbane Power Electricians has the experience and technical knowledge needed to install sustainable and workable industrial lighting. You really can’t go wrong when you chose our Brisbane Power industrial electrical lighting specialists and our prices on light fixtures and labour will not be beaten.

Choosing the right lights

Down Lights

: Using down lights is an highly effective way to change the look and feel of any space or bring attention to a particular feature.

LED Lights:

LED lights last a lot longer than standard bulbs and only use a fraction of the power. They look great and also save you money by reducing your power consumption.

Outdoor Lighting:

Landscape lighting is one of our favourite types of lighting at Brisbane Power. Queenslanders can’t live without that perfect outdoor barbeque or entertaining area. At Brisbane Power Electricians we just love to bring the right light to outdoor space. We can design and install a range of landscape lighting types. Including, sensor lights, front door lights, path lights, driveway lights, garden lights, pool lights and even party lights.

Dimmers and Lighting Switches:

The right lighting switches and dimmers can help set the perfect mood at your home or office. Installing light switches with timers can really save you money on your power bill. Dimmers can be extremely helpful for conference presentation rooms, baby nurseries or even for older children who don’t like to sleep in darkness.

The Brisbane Power Difference

We make the time to sit with you to understand exactly what you are trying to achieve with your space. We also have the experience to advise you on what will work best for your individual lighting needs.

For the best in lighting solutions in the Brisbane area, call Brisbane Power Electricians on 1300 032 003. Contact Us Today!

Kylie Smith
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So honest and so helpful I can't recommend him highly enough. He has replaced my hot water service and installed my aircon unit. Great price, great service. Call him!
Brad Blashak
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Really looked after us when we had an issue. Very understanding. Thanks heaps guys.
Mark Irons
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Had Ramzi out the other day to install some lighting etc on my latest bathroom renovation. Did a good job at a fair price , would definitely recommend

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