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Electrical Switchboard Upgrades

Professional, prompt & affordable domestic and commercial switchboard upgrade services.

Brisbane Power are the trusted choice for switchboard upgrades services in Brisbane. We offer a 24/7 around the clock service where our switchboard upgrade technicians are available to attend to you 7 days of the week at any time.

What makes us a popular choice is that we are one of Brisbane’s most trusted and widely respected switchboard upgrade specialists. 

Over decades of successfully attending to and fixing switchboard issues all across Brisbane, we have built a loyal and strong reputation in the industry amongst our customers. 

We are dedicated to ensuring our customers get the best service at the time they need it. For peace-of-mind we cover all electrical issues and pride ourselves on the level of service we provide.

It is pleasing for our customers to know that we provide a comprehensive switchboard upgrade service in Brisbane.

Common reasons for switchboard upgrades include:

Great news, if you are looking for a switchboard upgrade electrician who services all of Brisbane and is available 24 hours a day to attend to your needs, then you have found the right place. 

Whether you need your switchboard upgraded, tested or repaired, Brisbane Power Electricians are here to help and can be contacted 24/7 on 1300 032 003 or send us and enquiry.

Electrical Switchboard Upgrade Services
Kylie Smith
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So honest and so helpful I can't recommend him highly enough. He has replaced my hot water service and installed my aircon unit. Great price, great service. Call him!
Brad Blashak
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Really looked after us when we had an issue. Very understanding. Thanks heaps guys.
Mark Irons
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Had Ramzi out the other day to install some lighting etc on my latest bathroom renovation. Did a good job at a fair price , would definitely recommend

Why Brisbane Power Are The #1 Switchboard Upgrade Choice In Brisbane

24/7 Emergency Electrician Brisbane

24/7 Switchboard Upgrade Services

A true 24 hour, 7 day a week, switchboard upgrade service. There is no inconvenient time for us to come to you to upgrade your switchboard. We pride ourselves on being highly prompt, professional and available 7 days of the week, 24 hours of the day.

Emergency Electrician Brisbane Family Owned And Locally Operated

Family Owned & Locally Operated

We have worked hard to build our brand to what it is today. We value all of our customers and truly make an effort to go above and beyond our customer’s needs. We are always here to help and put our best feet forward when it comes to making our customers happy.

Seniors & Pensioner Discount For Emergency Electrician Customers In Brisbane

Seniors & Pensioners Discount

If you are a senior or a pensioner please ask us about our special emergency electrical service discount. We provide all Brisbane seniors and pensioners a local discount when using our service!

Emergency Electrician Driving To Brisbane Customer On Time

We Are On Time, Every Time

Due to the fast paced nature of emergency electrical requests, we have to be constantly ready to ensure we can get to a job promptly. We ensure that when we say we will be at a job that we are there on time, every time.

We'll Fix Your Switchboard Fault

We'll Actually Fix Your Fault

When you’re in an emergency situation it can be very stressful. Not only do you need someone to come fast but you need your issue fixed asap. We make sure we don’t just fix your issue but also provide all safety measurements to ensure the issue doesn’t arise again. Regardless of the nature of the job, we’ll be able to solve your problem.

Emergency Electrician Brisbane Operating 24/7 With Full Transparency And Up Front Pricing

Full Transparency & Up Front Pricing

You can rest assured that we won’t ever surprise you with ridiculous or unfair call-out charges. We provide an up front pricing model where we tell you what you’ll spend before we start on a project. We’re fully transparent and treat our customers with fairness and respect.

When should you upgrade your switchboard?

The truth about switchboard upgrades

  • Switchboards are the heart of any home or business, and as with everything in life, prevention is better than cure. That’s why at Brisbane Power, we strive to keep your “heart” healthy. No switchboard is the same, but luckily Australian Standards are of the utmost stringent in the world. Your switchboard should be no exception.

  • Standards have significantly changed in the past 30 years, which unfortunately leaves most switchboards lacking in safety, and quality. Chances are if your home is over 10 years old, you should consider having an electrician out, to inspect and verify it meets code. Not only do the standards protect your electrical systems at home, they are there to protect you also. For example, older standards only require safety switch to protect power points whereas newer standards require safety switches for every circuit in your home or business. Without a safety switch, the risk of severe injury or death from an electrical fault is much greater than with one.

  • Earth leakage circuit breakers (safety switches) allow a maximum of 0.03amps before operating. Which is the key number, to prevent your heart from going into ventricular fibrillation. If anymore current flows through your body, you run the risk of your heart developing an A rhythm which can kill you up to 48 hours later.

  • On the other hand, a circuit breaker or an over current protective device is in place to protect electrical systems only. If you experience an electrical shock from a circuit that’s not protected by a safety switch the consequences are dire.

  • Every electrical installation has a different maximum demand (maximum load), the maximum demand dictates the size of your consumer mains. In older homes, 6mm cable (32A) consumer mains were quite common. With today’s technology the load on an average house is far greater, which makes adding load to an old installation a big problem.

  • Furthermore, in older installations consumer mains are unprotected for over current, as main switches were exactly that. An isolation device only, without over current protection. The only thing protecting these consumer mains is a primary HRC (high rupturing capacity) fuse. All too often these fuses are rated between 50 and 100A, this leaves your home or business at risk of fire and potentially life-threatening faults. As the consumer mains are inadequately protected.

We provide electrical switchboard upgrade services to local and surrounding Brisbane suburbs.

Switchboard Earthing

MEN (Multiple Earth System)

Although the MEN system has been in place for some time, there are still certain cases in older homes and buildings, where it is not. In cases such as these, there is no protection to people, pets and livestock from deadly electrical faults.

Electricity is always looking for the easiest path back to its source. In the case of an earth fault, where the MEN system is not in place, the return path will most likely be through the ground and back to its source. If this return path is highly resistive, it will not allow enough current flow to trip the protective device. This will leave any earthed part of the installation at a deadly potential i.e. sinks, taps, water pipes etc. If anyone was to touch these earthed components, they may create an easier path back to the source, which may cause a life threatening electric shock.

If the MEN system is in place, an earth fault will find its way back to its source through the MEN, to the main neutral conductor. Most likely operating the protective device, preventing rise in potential of your earthing system.

Water bonds are also an essential part of any installation. These bonds ensure your conductive water lines are not at risk of carrying dangerous potential differences.

If you are unsure of your earthing system, call one of our electricians today for an inspection.

Surge Division

It’s quite common for spikes in power to cause harm to your electrical appliances. Which is why we recommend having surge diversion installed, to safeguard your electrical devices.

Consumer Mains

With todays demands in the average household. Upgrading your consumer mains, or adequate protection of your existing consumer mains is imperative to prevent fire & various other dangerous situations.

Metering Isolation Links

Did you know be before you have solar installed, you’re required to upgrade your metering/ distribution board? This entails, isolation links, metering neutral links, and the removal of asbestos, if any, from your switchboard.

Isolation links allow your supply to be completely disconnected in emergency situations, or for metering alterations. Some alterations can include things such as, digital meter upgrades, wireless meter readers etc. Gone are the days of having to install a separate metering enclosure at the front of your property. You can now request with your metering provider to have wireless reading installed for your switchboard. No more estimated readings that leave you out of pocket scratching your head!


Believe it or not, there was a time when earthing was not a requirement at power points and lighting fixtures. It’s not uncommon to come across these circumstances. If you suspect your installation is without earthing, have an electrical contractor out to inspect, sooner rather than later. Without an earth, especially at any fitting with a conductive frame, the consequences can be fatal.

For an obligation free quote please contact Brisbane Power Electricians on 1300 032 003 or email info@bpelectricians.com.au

How much does it cost for Switchboard upgrades?

Switchboard Upgrade Costs

Every switchboard installation or upgrade is different, so cost can significantly vary between switchboards. At Brisbane Power Electricians, we strive for safety and efficiency. We’ll quote, according to your budget, without compromising safety. Average upgrades can vary from around $800 to $3000 in domestic installations. Commercial & industrial installations are more likely to be higher than domestic installations. We can provide estimates over the phone with the aid of images. See the example images below of what we need from you.

Simply take some photos & email them to info@bpelectricians.com.au

If you are needing an emergency electrician to help fix your issue, please call our Brisbane Power emergency electrician now on 1300 032 003 or send us and enquiry.

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