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Our 24/7 electricians deliver services Brisbane wide. We cover both North and South Brisbane suburbs and are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  Wherever you are, we are not far away. Call us now on 1300 032 003, or use our simple and convenient online booking form and we will get back to you at Power speed.

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Brisbane Power Electricians.

If you need a Brisbane Electrician you can trust, look no further as you have found one. As a second generation, family-owned Australian team of domestic and commercial electricians, we have years of history. From our modest beginnings as Helwani Electrical in 1978, we have serviced areas stretching from Cairns to Northern New South Wales. We have been a preferred Electrician Brisbane provider for over 40 years.

Our fully licenced electricians are highly skilled with the diverse experience necessary for a broad range of services. From lighting and home automation to electrical safety and air conditioning. There are no jobs too large or too difficult and the small jobs are as important to us as they are to you. So whether you are a homeowner, property manager, facility manager or a large business we have you covered for all of your electrical needs with services that will exceed your expectations.


Why Choose Brisbane Power Electricians?

When you have the world at your fingertips, deciding on whom to choose for your electrical jobs can become overwhelming. You type in “Brisbane Electrician” and there appears a never-ending list of options. Your heart starts to beat a little faster as you become overwhelmed by the decision at hand. How will you ever make the right choice? AAAHH! Let us alleviate that burden. At Brisbane Power, we pride ourselves in honesty, so you can rely on us for everything electrical we mean it.

Our Brisbane electricians are friendly, honest and fully insured. We are renowned for our punctuality, professionalism, and overall service excellence. As your preferred electrical contractor in Brisbane, we will always show up on time, or have the courtesy to phone you in the event of any short delay. Client consideration is our difference. We make no empty promises and provide no inflated quotes. You only received quality 24/7 service you can count on.

Lights, Power, Action!

Since Thomas Edison invented commercial light bulbs in 1880, they have become one of the most important conveniences in life. Lets face it; the novelty of candles and a game of charades in the shadows of a power outage wear off quickly. So, if you and your family suddenly find yourselves without power, whatever time of the day or night we are here to help.

Renovating your home or office? Building something new? We are specialists in both indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. At Brisbane Power Electricians we love to bring you light. The satisfaction that comes from bringing the right light to any space is what keeps us energised. We provide lighting that is simple and effective as well as elaborate and elegant. We can provide you with expert advice on lighting layout, and the best lighting types for your particular needs. Our electricians Brisbane team have extensive creative experience in office, shop, showroom and café lighting as well as all types of residential lighting.


Safety Switch Installation Brisbane

Did you know that as a property owner it is your responsibility to ensure that your property is power safe? Safety switches, fuses and circuit breakers are your family’s safeguard against death or injury from electrocution, therefore you cannot afford to be without them.

Safety switches are designed to switch off all power just a fraction of a second after detecting an electrical leakage from a faulty power outlet or appliance.  Safety switches in Australia are designed to last a lifetime, however it is important to test them regularly. We always advise our clients to be careful when resetting safety switches. If you have any doubts about your safety switches, please don’t hesitate to call one of the experts at Brisbane Power. Our Brisbane Electricians are fully accredited in the installation and maintenance of domestic and industrial safety switches.  We even carry out safety audits for some of Brisbane’s largest builders. We’re here to help our clients as known experts of Safety Switch Installation Brisbane.


Smoke Alarms Installation Brisbane

We have all shared the heartbreak of watching countless families on the news lose their homes and all their precious memories to fire accidents.  The team at Brisbane Power implore you to install the right smoke alarm and ensure that you have done your best to safeguard your family or valued employees from fire tragedy. We’re known experts for Smoke Alarm Installation Brisbane.

Queenslanders are obligated by law to have working smoke alarms in their homes and workplaces. The Queensland Emergency and Fire service have strict recommendations for the best types of smoke alarms and locations for their installation. So installing the right smoke alarm is not always as simple as a trip to your closest hardware superstore. Not to worry though, you can take the guesswork out of fire alarm installation by calling our Brisbane Electricians. We have all the experience and knowledge necessary to advise you on the right smoke alarm for your property.


Air Conditioner Installation Brisbane

It’s a sweltering hot summers day in the sunshine state. The day turns into night and there is still no breeze and no relief. You are struggling to sleep and struggling to breath the thick, wet air. You try to get respite in a cold shower to no avail, because the water streaming out of the cold-water tap is luke warm. Sleep and comfort seem so out of reach as you toss and turn until the sun returns to make things worse.

Every Queenslander has experienced that kind of discomfort right? Few of us can function in that type of heat, therefore this is why even our schools are investing in air conditioning. We all work better and more efficiently when the temperature is right.  Air conditioning is indeed a basic necessity in Queensland. So whether you want to bring the cool comfy air into your home, or you want to invest in the comfort and productiveness of your workers, our Brisbane electricians can help. We’re the experts in Air Conditioner Installation Brisbane.

At Brisbane Power Electricians we understand that air conditioners are a big-ticket item and they can be very pricey to run, hence we do our best to provide trusted brands at the most affordable prices. Our electricians are fully qualified in the installation and servicing of all makes and models of air conditioners. Call Brisbane Power now for experienced advice on which domestic or commercial air conditioning solutions best suit your individual needs.