Installing a ceiling fan is a fantastic way to increase comfort and add value to your home. Staying cool in the warmer weather can be a challenge at the best of times. If you are feeling the heat but don’t want the expense of running your air conditioner all day everyday, ceiling fans are the perfect solution. You can use ceiling fans alongside your air conditioner to help cold air circulate further around your home.

The benefits of ceiling fans are numerous and they will significantly reduce your power bill in more ways than one. Firstly, they can warm or cool your home without expensive air conditioners or electric heaters. Secondly, they can improve the efficiency and reduce the work load of these expensive cooling and heating devices by helping the cool or warm air to circulate more efficiently throughout your space.

Installing a ceiling fan can be difficult and experience is essential when deciding on the best location for maximum efficiency. This is where Brisbane Power Electricians can help you. Our experienced electrician Brisbane team can ensure that your ceiling fan is correctly installed, properly balanced and safe to use. There are numerous different types of ceiling fans available and Brisbane Power Electricians can definitely help you to decide which ceiling fan is right for you.

Here are a few things you might want to think about when choosing ceiling fans for your home or business.

Can I use my ceiling fan all year round?

Ceiling fans with reversible features can definitely be used all year round. In summer, ceiling fans can be run in a clockwise direction generating air movement that cools you down. In winter, they can be turned the opposite direction at the flick of a switch. This forces the warmer air down making your room warmer without the use of a heater. Always make sure that the ceiling fan you choose has a reversible motor so that it is useful all year round.

Are ceiling fans energy efficient?

The energy efficiency of your ceiling fan will have a direct impact on your electricity bill. An energy efficient ceiling fan can cool you down using only a fraction of the electricity used by a regular ceiling fan, so it is worth finding one with a good energy rating. Again, Brisbane Power Electricians can assist you with this and make recommendations for which ceiling fans to choose.

What size ceiling fan do I need?

It is important that the fan you choose fits with the dimensions of your room. If it is too small and it may not cool effectively and if it is oversized it might be too strong and impractical. Our Brisbane electrician team will properly measure your room to ensure that you get the right fan to fit your space.

If you are considering having ceiling fans installed at your home or workplace call the team at Brisbane Power Electricians on 1300 032 003 to book an appointment at a time that suits you.

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