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Electrical Services Jindalee

Well, finding an electrician in Jindalee should be your last concern since you have the solution right in front of you.

Hi, we are Brisbane Power Electrical, a Brisbane-based electrical services company that has been serving Jindalee for several decades now. As a business that’s been around for so long, it’s only natural for us to offer the best services possible. It simply comes with the territory.

We are a well-reputed electrical services firm and there are several reasons why we’ve earned a good reputation.

For starters, we are great at what we do. Our electricians are some of the best you can find. They are trained to handle any kind of electrical problem and carry out whatever repairs or installation that’s required.

They are also certified, which means you can trust them to do a fantastic job. Certification doesn’t come easy and one is really required to prove their skills. Our electricians have all been certified. So, you know for a fact that they are worth every penny you spend.

What makes us special

Apart from the fact that we’ve got years of experience on our side, there are other things that make us popular among the residents of Jindalee.

For instance, we like to keep our clients happy and satisfied. So, we give a $40 discount on all first-time appointments. This isn’t some sort of marketing trick. It’s just our way of showing customers that we’re really good at what we do and that money isn’t our primary goal.

We prefer to establish long-lasting relationship with our customers. Money is secondary.

We also provide an electrical safety test for free. This is to help our customers detect ignored or hidden electrical issues in their houses before things get worse.

Services offered

Brisbane Power’s range of services includes:

  • Residential Electrical Services
  • Commercial Electrical Services
  • Domestic Electrical Services
  • Emergency Electrical Services
  • Fault Finding
  • Appliance Repairs
  • Air Conditioning Sales, Installation, Repairs, and Service
  • Lighting Installation and Repairs