How To Fix A Noisy Ceiling Fan

Is your noisy ceiling fan keeping you up at night?

There’s nothing worse than trying to relax and get some sleep with a noisy ceiling fan above you keeping you wide awake. Luckily, fixing a ceiling fan isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

Below are some common causes for why your ceiling fan has started to make some noise, as well as some quick solutions to try before calling out a 24/7 emergency electrician.

Why Is My Ceiling Fan Making Noise?

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Ordinarily, ceiling fans are fairly quiet when first installed in a home or business. However, over time certain things can cause a fan to become noisy including:

·      The ceiling fan blades have accumulated dirt or become unbalanced or misaligned

·      The fan motor needs lubricating

·      There are loose screws that need tightening

·      There is dirt or debris in the motor housing mount

Fixing Your Noisy Ceiling Fan

In order to completely eliminate or reduce ceiling fan noise, first start by doing the following:

Clean Your Ceiling Fan

Brisbane Power Electrician Clean

The first place to start when it comes to fixing your noisy ceiling fan is to wipe down your ceiling fan blades. Dirty blade surfaces where dust and grease have accumulated can cause your ceiling fans to become unbalanced and shaky.

Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe down each blade and remove dirt and debris. Once you’re done, test your ceiling fan for any signs of noise. For some, simply doing this task alone is enough to solve the issue of a noisy fan.


Check The Blades For Signs Of Warping

If cleaning the blades didn’t solve the issue, perhaps the issue might be that the blades are warped or damaged. Warped or damaged blades can cause fans to become unbalanced, causing it to rock and make clicking sounds when in use.

Inspect the blades from the side and ensure the surfaces are flat and angled in the same way as the other blades. Try to bend warped blades into shape if you can, otherwise you may have to consider ordering replacement blades.

Tighten Any Loose Screws

Brisbane Power Electrician Loose Screws

Take a look at the screws that connect the ceiling fan to the mount on the assembly (i.e. the fan’s housing) and tighten them if necessary. Repeat this step for all of the blades and be sure to perform this task periodically to reduce any occurrence of noise.


Oil Your Fan’s Motor

If your fan is giving off a buzzing sound, chances are it may need lubricating. First, wipe down dirt and grime from your fan’s motor with a paper towel. Then check if there’s any lubrication left within the motor and add several drops of fan oil to the motor as needed.

Be sure to use fan oils when doing this and avoid using common penetrating oils such as WD-40 which aren’t specifically made for this purpose.

For additional instructions on how to do the above with your specific fan, be sure to check your fan’s instruction manual.


Check The Pull Cord/Chain

Brisbane Power Electrician Pull Cord

While most ceiling fans these days come with a remote control switch or smart phone control capabilities, some ceiling fans still have older style pull cord switches. Ceiling fan pull cords are generally installed away from any moving parts, however over time, these pull cords can end up making unwanted noise.

To check the pull cord, switch the fan on high and observe if the cord strikes the blades or lighting fixture. If so, then consider if the blades need balancing.

Check The Upper Canopy

Ensure your fan’s upper canopy (the cover which hides the mounting assembly) is not loose or damaged. A loose upper canopy can create lots of noise when your ceiling fan is running so be sure that it’s secure and screwed on tightly.



Loose Light Fixture Parts

Brisbane Power Electrician Light Fixture

If your fan has a light fixture, be sure to check it over for any loose parts that need tightening. Carefully tighten any loose bulbs and globes by hand (as opposed to using tools) to prevent the glass from cracking.



When To Call A Professional

Brisbane Power Electrician When To Call A Professional

If you’re still experiencing ceiling fan noise after you’ve tried the above suggestions, then perhaps it’s time to call in a 24/7 emergency electrician for help. The team at Brisbane Power Electricians are here to assist with noisy ceiling fan & electrical switch fault repairs whenever you need us.

Call the team at Brisbane Power Electricians today on 1300 032 003 and ask for an obligation free quote.

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